Fuel System Parts

Fuel System Parts


From Left to Right, top to bottom: * Kinsler #6 fuel filter, S/H $70- * King #6 fuel filter, new Sold * Waterman Quick releas hi-speed, Sold * Engler Stumble valve, Sold * Kinsler brass pill body, S/H $70- * Waterman brass pill body, S/H $70- * Hilborn brass pill body, S/H $30-

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Auto racing is a dangerous sport and products are subject to failure when exposed to the high stresses involved. All equipment, including safety equipment, is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made to the product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes the risk. Ti Bolts and Race Partz is NOT responsible for damage or injury, consequential or otherwise related to equipment failure, mal-performance, or suitability for use implied or otherwise stated of any Ti Bolts and Race Partz supplied product.

    We Ship Australia Wide and to New Zealand.


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